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BCC units are forums where persons of different social and economic levels come together. Inspired by the love of Christ persons come forward to help the less fortunate in whichever way they can. All 12 units conduct their meetings regularly every month in the houses of members. The date, time and venue of the meeting are announced in the church during Sunday mass and published in the parish bulletin. From among the BCC members office bearers were elected as men leader, lady leader, secretary, treasurer, conveners for pastoral, Education, social and youth ministries. These leaders become members of parish level ministries and gather once in a month, the first Sunday, to guide the parish council which is formed out of the parish council members elected from the BCC units and the conveners of different ministries elected from the unit representatives of the different ministries.

Strengths of BCCs

  • Bible study and spontaneous prayer are wide spread
  • The members are of middle class and are socially, educationally and economically well off
  • Persons of the parish are closely knit
  • Increased participation of laity in liturgy
  • Church community has become global
  • Women of the parish are empowered

Challenges of BCCs

  • The parish has a floating population
  • Material well being prevents some from active participation
  • Migration of persons between 20 to 40 creates problems in homes
St Theresa of Lisieux Chruch-List of Office Bearers for 2015 & 2016
Sl.No Name of unit Leader Female Leader Secretary Treasurer Parish Council Member
1 Christ the King E.Angel Moose Mary Mattil Reeta Wilson Sreekala.L Mary Mattil
2 Mount Carmel Christopher Simon Caroline M.S Lissie Christopher Agnes J.F Christopher Simon
3 St.Luke T.D.Gilbert Beena Pappachan Mercy George Merlin Christopher Beena Pappachan
4 St.Kochu Thresia Peter George Ponnamma Herberts Sajan.T.M Sudha Varghese Sajan.T.M
5 St.Joseph Francis C.A Lali Rajan Maglena Jose Dalia Roy Lali Rajan
6 St.Sebastian Joseph Mascrene Sathi Stephen Dorothy Cross Leena Marcelin Joseph Mascrene
7 St.Thomas Suresh Rodriguez Jacquiline Vincent Gracy Joseph George Bastian Jacquiline Vincent
8 St.Stephen James.T Achamma Abraham Firoz Edger Jose J.F James.T
9 St.Anne Nirmal Das Geetha Michael Shirley Lazar Varghese A Nirmal Das
10 St.Mathew Alex Yesudas Claramma Jessy Jeyan Dr.Pious Claramma
11 St.John James Joseph Anila Moses Sushama Augustin Raj.R Augustin Raj.R
12 St.Agnes Sasi Samuel Josephine Justin Louise Viji.V Sasi Samuel
Conveners of Various Forums Ajapalanam Education Social Service KCYM Media
Ancila Moses Joseph Mascrene Beatrice Benjamin Kiran Antony Sajan.T.M
Sister Representative Sr.Rani
Legion of Mary Amruthamma
Nominee of O.P Victor.J
Parish Council Office Bearers
President Vice President Secretary Treasurer BCC Cordinator
Rev.Dr.Gladin Alex Nirmal Das Augustine Raj Victor.J E.Angel Moose
Beena Pappachan
Beena Pappachan
Audit Committee
Jacob.J.Arackal Mariyam Joseph Vimala Aloysius
Finance committee
President Secretary Members
Rev.Dr.Gladin Alex T.D.Gilbert
George Bastian

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