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The ministry aims at the educational development of the parishioners. The general body at the parish level consists of 12 member representatives of the 12 BCC units. Its convener who represents the ministry in the Parish Council is elected by them. Every Fourth Sunday of the month the ministry gathers and discuss on the points gathered from BCC units and parish council. The convener takes the suggestions to the parish Council. The ministry representatives functions as the liaison between the BCC units and the Parish. The BCC units contribute a fixed sum every month towards the activities of this ministry. Donations are received from parish members and well-wishers. Under this come the two memorial trusts of Msgr. S. Thomas and Msgr. M. Joseph respectively.


The members collect and file a detailed data of the educational status of the parishioners. They identify resource persons, conduct career guidance and find sponsors for the economically weak but intellectually bright students. Uniform and study materials are collected supplied to the deserving students. It awards prizes to meritorious students and for any outstanding achievements. It organizes seminars and study classes to students and parents. The educational body consists of the following members:

  1. Rev.Dr.Gladin Alex (Parish Priest)
  2. Mr. Tony D Gomez (Con)
  3. Mrs. Hermina Mathew
  4. Mrs. Julie Dionitius
  5. Mrs. Sheela Rubin
  6. Mrs. Moly Fernandez
  7. Mrs. Sushila Mascrene
  8. Mrs. Meera Jack Ben
  9. Mr. George Vincent
  10. Mrs. Magdeline Joseph
  11. Mrs. Anitha Jacob
  12. Mrs. Sukumari
  13. Mrs. Anna James
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