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The general body at the parish level consists a Young man and a Young Woman each from the 12 BCC units thus have 24 member representatives. Its convener who represents the ministry in the Parish Council is elected by them. Every Fourth Sunday of the month the ministry gathers and discuss on the points gathered from BCC units and parish council. The convener takes the suggestions to the parish Council. The ministry representatives functions as the liaison between the BCC units and the Parish. The Youth ministry consists of the following members:

  1. Mr. Martin. (Con)
  2. Mr. Jijo Wilson
  3. Miss Litty Wilson
  4. Mr. Vivin Kurian
  5. Miss. Vinaya Kurian
  6. Mr. Akhil George
  7. Miss. Sruthy M.A.
  8. Mr. Binoj Mani
  9. Miss. Nivea G.M
  10. Mr. Ignatius Freddy
  11. Miss. Mercy Stanley
  12. Mr. Sreekanth S
  13. Mr. Jacq Ben
  14. Miss. Shalini
  15. Mr. J.Arun
  16. Miss. Preethy
  17. Mr. Midhun Antony
  18. Miss. Merina
  19. Mr. G.D. Das
  20. Miss. Renjini
  21. Mr. Mathew T.J
  22. Miss. Sruthy C.D
  23. Mr. Aeron Yesudas
  24. Miss. Catherine R. S
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